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2-1-14**   region B meeting 2-2-14 Kempton pa .

2013 Region B Top 10 Points posted

***10/19/13  ***
                   Region B meeting Oct. 20th.

*** 8/22/13***
Attention Jr. Racers! Also Points have been posted. 

**** 3/ 3 /13   The region B spring  meeting.

            Motorama will be Feb. 16 - 17 At the Farm Show Complex In Harrisburg Pa.

*** 10/28/12 *** 
              EC4WDA CONVENTION NOV. 9-12   
               Dubois Pa.    

**10/24/12 *** the passing of a ex region b member

* 10/17/2012 
       Region B meeting Oct. 21 At kempton Rod &gun Kempton Pa.

 **** 9/26/12
columbia hill climber race oct. 6 &7 

*** 7/25/12***
Attn: JR. Racers
Important message on the news page about award nominations.


Attn: JR. Racers

Important message on the points page about the 7/21 Race.

*** 5/7/2012***

Better late than never! 

The Schedule is now posted!
Thanks for your patience.

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Every region within EC4WDA is comprised of individual clubs, each with their own focus. However, Region B has historically been competition oriented with many annual off road events that date back well over 40 years.


The Region attracts new members by supporting a Junior Racing Program. We also promote racing through Stret Stock drags which allow 4WD enthusiasts to safely try 4WD racing.

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